Pen & Ink

For those ones who are just interested in the entries about Pen & Ink,
I will list those blog entries here separately.

The Lamy pen tutorial: changing the nib, cleaning the pen, etc.

Another way to change a Lamy nib (tape method)

Additional information on the Lamy nibs

Copied Lamy pens being sold on eBay?


Ink erasers / eradicators: how to use them


My tiny ink collection

Herbin inks too pale for fountain pens?


§ 6 Responses to Pen & Ink

  • S,
    Can you let me know where i can purchase a white Safari with black clip?
    Tx, L

  • Sally Enos Williams says:

    My boss has a new lamy pin. I have figured out how to put it together, however, I do not know how to get the ink to come out of the cartridge I put in. Can you please help me.

    • :) Silvia says:

      Sorry, I guess my answer will be late, but nevertheless: If the pen is brand new and never had ink in it, just try shaking it a couple of times. This is usually enough to get the ink flowing. (Oh and better put on the cap before doing this, because otherwise you might end up with ink splatters everywhere 😉 )
      If there is still no ink flow, submerge the nib in water for a short time. Then try writing. First there will be only water coming out of the nib, but after a short time the ink should flow out as well.

      If the pen still doesn’t write check again if the cartridge or the converter is placed correctly. The cartridge should make a clicking sound when snapping into position for the first time.

  • Bernice says:

    Hello, i was just wondering, other people suggest nib dipping with the converter in and just refill that way. kind of like filling a syringe with medicine. is it okay to run the nib under water after doing so to wash all the extra ink out from dipping the whole nib in ink? will it affect the ink you just loaded inside? thank you in advance 😀

  • nomnomnomnomnomomnomnomnomnomnomnom says:


  • T says:

    Just got a lamy Safari pen with a medium nib. Is this the best nib for everyday writing and school work, with lamy ink black. Also is it normal for ink to leak onto your finger when you touch the back of the nib through the small crack and do they leak a lot when not used. How long does one cartridge last normally ?

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