Some minor and some major changes :)

June 1, 2008 § 4 Comments

Hi everybody, as you may have already observed (as long as you don’t read my posts with a reader) I’ve currently changed the outlook of my blog. I couldn’t stand the old CSS anymore – I just had to to something about it. For the summertime the blog will most probably stay with this neat little flower-theme.

Last week passed by very fast for me, I did not even have much time for drawing or painting. To my big shame I didn’t continue with my oil paintings challenge either… 😦
Yet, I started with some nice experiments. I’m planing on doing an oil portrait for a friend of mine and she wants it to look a little bit like a Klimt, so I started experimenting with gold leaf.

gold leaf, acrylic and oil color on canvas

My first tries were just a little bit messy, but I’m already getting better at gilding :). Actually I’m not working with gold all of the time (since this would be a little bit too expensive), usually I’m using metal leaf that just looks golden. It works just the same, however it is much more prone to corrosion, therefore it has to be sealed with a few layers of coating before one can paint with acrylic colors (who contain water) upon it.
I’m really looking forward to painting this portrait, I’m sure it’ll look great in the end. Well, and even if it doesn’t look good in the end, it will at least look very interesting ;-p. The only thing that is still troubling me is that I have not the slightest idea what kind of patterns to use for the background and for her dress in order to make it look more Klimt-esque. I still need to ponder that :).

And since we were talking about changes to this blog: another one will be, that you will most probably get to see some 3D stuff from me soon, too, since I recently rediscovered the fun and the horror of sculpting and modeling with clay, polymer clay and plaster. I’ll just have to see how well these crafty things will fit into the concept of this blog :).

EDIT: Sorry guys, I just realized that after my little CSS intervention some of my pages don’t show like they used to (and I want them to). I’m going to fix that as soon as possilbe ^^!


More oil desaster

May 12, 2008 § 2 Comments

Hi everybody out there! How are you doing?

Q: Did I keep up with my oil painting plan?
A: Yes. I. Did.
However, I’m not really satisfied with the results as for now. Actually that’s the reason, too, why you didn’t get to see any more paintings from me recently ;-p. Linseed oil is still my worst enemy, though I started to appreciate the texture it gives to oil paintings.

Maybe I just choose objects to paint that were a little bit too difficult for an one-hour-painting? I’ll need to start again with the basics and take simple shapes, a mug, a flower or something like this, maybe I’ll do better then.

One step forward and then…

April 30, 2008 § 5 Comments

well it’s a strange old game – you learn it slow
one step forward and then it’s back to go

(Dire Straits – The Bug)


“sweets”, oil on canvasboard, w: 30 cm h: 20 cm

Tried an unsual approach this time.  I choose a  different medium this time (linseed  oil) and worked very wet …or should I have said fat since we’re talking about oil colors?  Don’t like this kind of working very much, but I’m going to give it some more tries, before I’ll throw my linseed oil away :). Perhaps I’ll get used to it? Who knows…

I should have known it better…

April 23, 2008 § 5 Comments

white peonies

“white peonies”, oil on canvas board, h:30 cm w: 20 cm

… painting one painting each day isn’t as easy! Especially if you have a full time job and other hobbies, too. But well, it’s not only a matter of time, there is also another difficulty (which Gillian reminded me of after my last post) I haven’t found a solution to by now: oil paintings take quite a few days to dry to the touch. And then they still take a couple of months to be dry enough to be varnished. Well, I do have only three easels and very limited space in my room. Meaning that I’ll have to confine myself to three painting each week. That should be manageable. Anyway, here’s painting no. 5.

Back again :)

April 19, 2008 § 2 Comments

light a candle

“light a candle”, oil on canvas board, w: 30 cm h: 22 cm

A big hello to all of you out there, I really hope you didn’t miss me too much, but I have been very busy last month. Fortunately now I’m ready to continue my postings here on WP. (There are so many blogs I haven’t checked for a while, well, you’ll here and see more of me soon :)!)

So, what’s new? Well, I still had these oil paints and I finally made up my mind to get serious with them. After reading a little bit in the oil painting forum over at WetCanvas I’ve decided to give this 120-oil-paintings-challenge a go. It’s my aim to create about 120 oil paintings in the next four months (just for the record that means that I’ll have to finish one little painting each day). According to the rules of this challenge all the paintings have to be created from life (no photos or computer aided design allowed) and they have to be finished in one hour each. I’m convinced that this is a good way to get aquainted fast to oil color and furthermore it will help me train my sight and my drawing skills. After working so much with photos and graphic software lately I have grown too dependent on them. The first painting was a shock for me, I couldn’t figure out what values and colors I could see, but after the second painting I felt much more comfortable. Practice is everything I guess :o).

My smallest painting so far

March 7, 2008 § Leave a comment

just married
They had a special offer at my art supply store: they were selling miniature canvases. So I bought a couple of them and now I’m trying to figure out what miniature painting is like. The first thing I found out is that I need to get me some smaller brushes!
Well, here is my first try, it’s oil color and I’m going to call it “Just married!“.
(The size is just what you can see on your screen, h: 8 cm, w: 6 cm)

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