An older painting continued

March 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

I was already about to throw this painting away, because it was started with the wrong colors, but then I thought why not give it at least a try. If the colors (W&N Artisan) are going to crack, I can still throw it away, if not, maybe it turns out nicely.

If my memory doesn’t fail me I remember having read somewhere in the Artisan spreadsheets that those colors weren’t suitable for glazing techniques. I cannot remember the exact reason why, but my best guess would be because their whites could be made with safflower oil? Well anyway, since I’m a curious person and would like to see myself what will happen I decided to give it a try nevertheless.

This is my underpainting, it has been touch dry for a couple of days and tonight I’m going to start with the first few glazes.

copy after Bouguereau, WIP, oil on canvas

“White peonies” encore une fois

February 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

"white peonies II", 30 cm x 20 cm, oil on canvasboard

Do you remember this post? Yes, after almost two years I’ve returned once again to the same bunch of peonies. Yes, they’re artificial ;). The painting itself is not fully completed, I still have to add some highlights here and there and to sign it, however there won’t be any drastic changes to it anymore, so I thought I could just as well already post it ^-^.

Funny, how different the two paintings are. It seems I did learn a little something in the past two years, although I have to admit that I did not paint much in the meantime.

Back with lemon tea

February 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yes, I know, I’m bad. I’ve neglected my blog for a far too long time, but as usually there have been so much more interesting things to do than to sit down and paint something.
So I’ve decided to return to one of my favorite subjects lemon tea. It seems I always can get some nice paintings with that theme. Don’t know why, but it inspires me 😉

Message In A Bottle

January 12, 2009 § 1 Comment

It doesn’t happen often that I am proud of myself, but today I am :)! You wonder why? Well, I managed to pick up my brush again and started with one of those lovely little 1-hour-oil-paintings. Yay! Think I haven’t painted for about 6 months or something like that.


"message in a bottle", oil on canvas board, size ap. 11 x 7

By the way the beautiful ref for this painting originates from the WetCanvas RIL and was published by climber-man. Thanks!!!

Hopefully I will finish at least two more paintings this week :).

Psycho-pear in the land of dwarves

July 6, 2008 § Leave a comment

7 of 120 (land of dwarves), oil on canvas, 24 cm x 16 cm

Yay, I’m back to my 120 oil paintings challenge. Since I’m not counting the small stuff I wasn’t very pleased with, this is officially the number 7 of 120. And yay for linseed oil, too. I’m starting to get used to it.

The dwarfs in this painting that have taken Gulliver-pear prisoner are jelly bears. At first glance they seem so bouncy, tender and squeaky, yet they’re mighty dangerous! You start eating just one -and you find yourself in not time having eaten half the bag of sweets.
Will Psycho-Pear-Gulliver survive this adventure as well? I don’t know, but the next post will probably tell. ;-P

I can’t resist these curves

July 3, 2008 § 2 Comments

Pears have something very interesting about them, something that just seem to captivate the attention of many artists. Let an artist choose a fruit to paint and she or he will most likely choose a pear. Me, too. I don’t know how many pears I have already painted and sketched, just search this blog, and I’m sure you should be able to find at least three more paintings of pears. These curves are just fantastic to paint, I only wished pears would come in more colors, just like apples do :).

This little pear here has been painted with Oil Colors on a miniature canvas (10 cm x 10 cm). Like most of the time I’m using water miscible oil colors. I prefer them, because brushes are so easy to clean and I do not have to handle turps. However, there are some limitations to these colors as well. First of all they tend to be more firm in their consistency compared to regular oil colors and one needs special mediums to make them more creamy/fluid. Another bis disadvantage is, that they cannot be used for glazing techniques. At least I haven’t found a way yet to thin them which would not affect their water miscibility.

And on we go with the oily disaster: Irma the friendly witch

June 30, 2008 § 3 Comments

“Irma, the tooth-witch”, oil color on canvas, 40 cm x 40 cm

Have to admit that I have been very lazy with my oil painting schedule, but I decided to take it up again this week. So here is my next one. I should admit, too, that I worked on this one for two hours, instead of one hour only as according to the challenge rules. Reason is that I wanted to finish it nicely enough to be able to give it as a present to Irma’s owner. (Little Irma is a puppet by the way. Yep, one of the kind that is played by puppet artists to entertain little kids.)

Irma is to some extent the German version of the tooth-fairy. Only that she isn’t a fairy as you see, she’s a (friendly) witch, but who cares, as long as she origins from magical realms all the kids will love her :).  It always makes me giggle though, how a witch that can only claim four teeth her own has become a role model for teeth related things . 8)

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