routine drawing

July 3, 2009 § 1 Comment

Sometimes I just start doodling on a piece of scratch paper and usually the result would be a female face… so I guess it’s some kind of drawing routine and drawing habbit of mine to draw faces.

Here’s one of those doodles:




Busy week

July 24, 2008 § 4 Comments

Birte wearing a green dress - Charcoal on Canson, 20 cm x 30 cm

I have been sketching and painting like mad this week. Not only naked people as you can see above. This drawing is a 15 minutes pose by the way, and it has been drawn with white and black charcoal on canson paper. No, your monitor doesn’t play any tricks on you, the paper really has this strange texture, yet it looks lovelier in reality than on the screen.
Throughout this week I learned quite a few things.
First, that I actually enjoy drawing people. (I used to hate drawing people, but hey, after 25+ sketches like the one above you start loving what you do. It gets more and more easy with every sketch, believe me!)
Second, that I can draw a decent sketch of almost every person in almost every position from life(!) in less than 20 minutes. That’s a big improvement!
Last, that charcoal loves ingres and canson paper! Really! I always disliked these kinds of papers, because of their rough structure that would always come through in each and every colored pencil drawing, but it’s a completely different thing with charcoal! It just glides so smoothly over the surface of those two kinds of papers… it’s unbelievable :)!

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Life class has started

July 21, 2008 § Leave a comment

"Elke I", Charcoal on Canson, 30 cm x 20 cm

… and keeps me busy. I thought that I could easily sketch something food on the fly, too, but I’m feeling horribly exhausted after 7 hours of sketching and painting.

So I’ll bore you with some of my nudes instead this week. How about that? 😉

June is almost gone…

June 28, 2008 § 1 Comment

… and I noticed with horror, that I’ll be taking two weeks of life class course in the summer holidays (= next month) and I haven’t practiced drawing from life in a while.
Actually, I haven’t ever drawn humans from life at all. Only from photographs, and it’s just so much nicer with a photo …they don’t move, the angles and shadows stay the same… and in case you fail completely no one will get to see this mess!!!

Before I start to panic, I should rather try and practice a little bit the next days :). Just started with some hand drawings to warm up.


February 21, 2008 § 4 Comments

cuo of tea, charcoal

(“cup of tea”, 8″ x 5″, charcoal)

I was just having a nice cup of tea and thinking about what I could tell you about myself since I have been tagged again by Doudy. Those of you who read my blog more often know that I had been tagged by Dave some months ago, too. So a little bit late, but here it is 5 random things about myself:

  1. My first fav. medium had been soft pastels (aka “dusties“). They were so bright, so wunderful easy to apply, they blended well —- but then I had to realize that they just wouldn’t like to remain on the paper, in fact they seemed more attracted to my carpet. I tried fixing them, but didn’t like it since the fixative sprays tends to darken the colors. So I sold my complete set on ebay.
  2. I am collecting fountain pens. At least that’s the only explanation why I do own more than 50 of these writing instruments.
  3. Silvia is my real given name and I am a twenty-something (well, you don’t ask a woman’s age )
  4. I’ve started drawing and painting more regularly only 14 months ago. It has been an amazing experience for me to see how fast my painting skills have improved in this short period of time and I am very curious to see where I’ll be in one year from now 🙂 ).
  5. My natural hair color is red, but I prefer to wear it dyed brunet at the moment.

Now it’s my turn to tag 5 others, but since I don’t like being tagged I’ll leave this one up to you my dear readers. If some of you would like to be tagged, just leave a comment to this post and I’m going to tag you :)!

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