EDM 117 – sth. round

May 4, 2007 § 3 Comments


And another sketch. Obviously something round ;-).
Depicted is a globe I bought many years ago. Ever since then it has been standing on a bookshelf next to my desk. There’s a light bulb inside which turns it into an interesting kind of lamp by night.
I imagined it to be easier to create the effect of seas and continents wet-in-wet. In fact it wasn’t. The colors just spreaded the way they wanted this time. One never stops learning.

Here we go with EDM 116 – sth. green

April 30, 2007 § 2 Comments

loose style… wet in wet… it’s so therapeutic to watch the colors spreading and fading randomly over the sheet of paper.

Oh, just in case it got too loose and abstract: it’s some fish in an aquarium :).

An  aquarium is a green world of its own and a wonderful subject for a wet-in-wet painting.  The fish themselves are of all kind of colors, but each of them also reflects their green-yellowish surroundings. It’s a pitty the colors didn’t come out as bright as in real life.

EDM 114 – Something ugly

April 12, 2007 § 4 Comments

If there is something ugly I cannot throw away, then it’s my 16 years ol pencil-sharpener. Once it was a neat little thing, but today it’s an ugly purple colored something. The silver lettering on it faded away almost completely and the once transparent cap looks dull today.
But the sharpener still does its job – so how could I even think of throwing it away? :o)

edm 114 - sth. ugly

EDM 51 – Draw your tv and favorite show playing

April 2, 2007 § 8 Comments

I do not watch tv very much, except for the news perhaps.
What I do like is to watch DVDs and I usually watch them on my notebook.

Doing this sketch was fun. I set myself a timelimit – 20 minutes only. Looking closely one observes that the perspective of the notebook got somewhat wrong and I do not assume either that you’ll recognize the Gilmore Girls on the screen, but I am still happy with it b/c I think the result is acceptable regarding this short period of time. Ink and watercolor.

EDM 24 – Fruit

April 2, 2007 § Leave a comment

I’m starting to get used to my colored pencils. They are such an interesting medium. It is astonishing how versatile they are and it’s fun working with them.
However regarding their technique there is so much more I have to learn, but unfortunately CPs are not so popular here in Europe. So I ordered some books which cover that topic from the US. Hope they’ll arrive soon!

This drawing was done 4 weeks ago. I did not burnish it – maybe I’m going to do that later.

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