My problem with J. Herbin’s inks

August 28, 2010 § 3 Comments

Did I mention before that I actually like J. Herbin inks? Well, I certainly do. They have a fairly wide range of colors at an acceptable price. What I like less about them is that some of their colors are just too pale to be usable in fountain pens.

Pens used in this picture were a dip pen/shorthand nib and a Lamy/ M nib.

A sample of three different J. Herbin inks


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§ 3 Responses to My problem with J. Herbin’s inks

  • I agree with you…I love them too, but some colors are really SO pale…on the other hand, they sometimes then looks so “old” with this faded look. I quite like using a quil…it gives a bit of oomph on the color, but it can be blotchy if not careful.

  • Lily says:

    Hi Silvia, I’ve been at big fan of your blog for a while. Would it be possible to email me at for some possible JetPens samples? Thanks Silvia! 😉

  • umbcinsightsweekly says:

    Thanks for the ink comparison!

    You should teach a penmanship class. My handwriting could use it! 🙂

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