Additional information on the Lamy nibs

April 26, 2010 § 3 Comments

Boring title, I know.

Yet I’ve promised a little update to the Lamy nibs and to answer some questions I have been asked repeatedly.

Lamy nibs old - new

Lamy nibs - from old to new

What you can see in this picture are three different kind of nibs. The oldest one is on the left, the newest one on the right.

The one on the left is about ten years old it was a default nib that came with one of my pens. As you can see there is no indication of size on it. It also lacks the Lamy logo. The nibs that came as default some years ago would not have any size indicated on them. (Nowadays they all have.) So if you bought a new Lamy pen back then, you needed to pay attention to the little sticky on the pen which would tell you what size the nib was or ask the seller to give you a pen with your prefered nib size. If you lost that sticker, don’t remember that information anymore or have bought the pen second-hand, there is no way to find out which size it is. You could try to compare it to other nibs if you happen to have some ready, of course, but other than that there’s no way to find the answer to this question I’m afraid .

In the middle you can see a nib that is approximately 5 years old, it still is completely black whereas the newest type of nib (as seen on the right) comes with a silvery shining tip. I’ve placed the tip of the latter on a darker background so that you can spot the difference easier.  (Sorry for the glare, I will get me a decent photo equipment soon.)

Sometimes people wonder whether the newer dark nibs are made of a different material, because they have that lighter tip, but I don’t think so. My guess is that the difference is just caused by a new/different way of producing those nibs. However, purely from the esthetic point of view I admit that I also prefer the old nibs that were all black ;).

§ 3 Responses to Additional information on the Lamy nibs

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  • Domi says:

    the color of the nib has nothing to do with the age of the nib (except for the left on the picture). You can buy all nibs (at least the non-calligraphy ones) in either black or silver. Size F, M and B cost 4,95 Euro in Germany and EF costs 7,95 Euro, no matter which color it is. You can also get the EF, F, M, B, OM and OB (the last two have italic nib-ends) in gold. They’re silver due to the applied palladium finish but look gold in the middle.

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