Back from vacation and ready to go :)

May 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

Okay, perhaps you wondered where I’ve been lately, no need to worry everything was fine, I have just been on vacation. Now that I’m back at home and at work I’ll be able to share with you some new little pieces.

This piece here for instance was created last week. I’ve seen some of those Faber-Castell Marà Sets around for sale and felt inspired by her art style, so I tried to create something in her mood. What do you think?

"Kitty in spring", mixed media

"Kitty in spring", mixed media

For those ones who are interested in her painting style: first you draw with a pencil some curved lines on your paper, then you go on coloring them using water color pencils (well, I used water color), then you continue with stamping, adding cut out paper ornaments or whatever you feel like it would suit your piece of art. It’s more some sort of serendipity creation and it’s very relaxing.

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