Another cityscape

February 8, 2009 § 2 Comments

Yes, I’m painting and drawing again. At the moment mostly portraits and other kinds of commissions, so I cannot show you much (my clients refused to being shown all over the world wide web ^^), except for maybe this little piece here:

"Cityscape IV" - acrylics on canvas

"Cityscape IV" - acrylics on canvas

I tried working with Acrylic Interactives here. Some people say that painting with these is just like painting with oils, but I think that’s a strange comparison. Anyway, I like being able to re-wet an acrylic color even some hours later, so they are definitely win for me. Such a pity that they are so hard to get here, but at least I have spotted an online shop where I can get Golden Opens :).

§ 2 Responses to Another cityscape

  • caseytoussaint says:

    I really like this, Silvia – the colors you’ve chosen really add atmosphere.

  • luci says:

    Simply beautiful, Silvia … it’s very expressive.

    *I chuckled over the part when you mentioned that your clients do not really care to be shown on the www. Rather sad because I would love to see your portraits. Hope all is well with you 🙂

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