Nibs and ink erasers once again

January 10, 2009 § 1 Comment


I’ve had it happen a few times, that readers of this blog contacted me to ask me where they can get nibs and and/or ink erasers. Tough question, I know of only a few stores within the US that carry Lamys, but none where you could by the erasers. So those of you who really want an ink eraser/eradicator and a special nib (only steel!) and who do not fear the high shipping costs from the EU to the US (around 10$) just contact me. I cannot promise that I will be able to get the nib you want, but I will try.

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  • Jamie Martin says:

    There are a couple of online stores, such as Jetpens that you can get the nibs from too. I was looking it up today, after seeing your blog post on how you can replace them, because I recently dropped my LAMY pen and it bent the nib to a 90degree angle. I was actually able to use the cap to bend it back, although the nib is still not back to how it was originally. (It does however write, and I almost feel like it writes with a better flow now than it did originally, but that’s besides the point. xD)

    But I know Jetpens has shipping to the US that’s around $5, or free if you’re order is over $25. I haven’t actually ordered from them yet, so I have no idea how ‘reputable’ they are.

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