Waiting for the boat

September 29, 2008 § 4 Comments

… to be painted.

Wheres the boat?, acrylics on canvas, 60 cm x 30 cm

"Where's the boat?", acrylics on canvas, 60 cm x 30 cm

I did this little painting for the monthly acrylic challenge. Actually there should have been a nice tugboat in the middle of this river, but somehow I do have some trouble painting it. My first attempt failed terribly and I had a hard time restoring the image back to how it looked before I tried changing it.

Well, this painting clearly needs something – no matter what – in the foreground. It cannot be left that way. However, since I don’t want to ruin it in the end, I’ll try to go for something rather small first. Perhaps a little boat or something like that?

( – End of art content here. Beginning of weird dolly content beneath the more tag. Beware! – )

Now for those of you, who wondered with what I have been busy the last weeks, here is my ABJD Raffael I have been sewing clothes for. Well, this was his first official photo shooting. I found some nice feather wings (a decoration article) and he had to pose as angel.

My first Asian Ball-Jointed Doll, Raffael

My first Asian Ball-Jointed Doll, Raffael

More pics with him properly dressed will come soon ^^.

He is SD-sized which means he’s about 60 cm tall. I really adore his pouty little face. And yes, he’s a he. Really. It’s not my fault that these doll all look so androgynous.



I like this pose, don’t know why. Something about it reminds me a little bit of Leonardo’s St. John the Baptist ^_^. I still need to pose his right arm and hand pointing upwards, though.

§ 4 Responses to Waiting for the boat

  • your painting looks great silvia1 If you don’t want to paint something in the forground, how about cropping your painting to cut off more ofthe water, and that way focusing more on the forest? looks great!

  • :) Silvia says:

    Ronell, that would be a fantastic idea, only that this painting is on stretched canvas… and it would be too much work for me, to change the size now. Yet, I completely agree with you on the subject. If I had painted this on paper I would have cut it the way you suggested :).
    Still have to ponder about the foreground. Perhaps a little seagull? Or a duck family? Or a little boat… a fisherman perhaps? Will see ;D.

  • Gillian says:

    I like this very much, especially your colour palette. Be brave and go for the boat – after all – you could always turn it into a foreground rock if it goes wrong! x

  • luci says:

    Silvia, I always love your choice of colors. They are rich and have great depth. I think a boat at the left side would be good. How about playing with it in Photoshop first? Play around with different options, until you find that “thing” that you feel is missing. Then you don’t have to “ruin” anything 🙂

    Hey-ho! I’m glad you posted pictures of your doll. Raffael is gorgeous! There’s something poetic about his pout. Hehe. He looks great as an angel. Can’t wait to see him clothed. We’ll get to see your sewing prowess as well.

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