Day 9 – and it’s already getting hard….

July 9, 2008 § 1 Comment

…but I won’t give up as easy either. Today’s work kept me busy from 8 am to 7 pm and I did not find much time for drawing, not even to mention painting. So here is one more sketch from my sketchbook. A little study done in colored pencil. The reason why there are so many little sketches in colored pencil here in my blog at the moment is that I just got myself a brand new set of Cd’A Luminance CPs. I choose the set with 36 pencils only, because I just can’t afford the complete set at the moment and I also would like to try them out, before I’m going to spend more money on them. So, my first impression? Well, they’re nice. Definitely softer than the Polys and also softer than the Pablos, but I wouldn’t say that they can really compare to the Prismas. The latter are still somewhat different, at least I do have  the impression, that I can blend the colors better when using the Prismacolor pencils. Yet, the Luminance do not have any wax bloom issues – and that’s important as well. Guess there are a few pros and cons to every brand…  😐


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