Lazy sunday afternoons

May 22, 2008 § 6 Comments

“lazy sunday afternoons” – acrylics on canvas – w:60 cm h:80cm

After my latest quarrels with oils I needed a short (acrylic) break. I do not consider this painting completely finished, since I will most probably still add some finishing touches to it later on, but at the moment I have put it on my wall to study the overall composition. The procedure of creating this painting was very experimental. I painted from life and neither did I do any kind of preliminary sketch, nor did I even sketch out the basic shapes on my canvas before starting – I just went straight on with the colors. To my big surprise it worked. Of course, if I had taken the time to compose this painting, I might have moved the plants a little more to the bottom of the canvas, but then again the thing that intrigued me most when painting this little scene was this warm, bright late afternoon sunlight with its long golden shadows.

Unfortunately the colors once again don’t show right in this picture, they are brighter and warmer in RL and the leaves aren’t that dark, too. Conclusions: I clearly need to develop my photographic skills :o)…

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§ 6 Responses to Lazy sunday afternoons

  • Sherry says:

    Your painting caught my eye right away as I scanned through the EDM Blog of Blogs. The warm colors, the arrangement, the details like the reflection of the window in the floor, all are very pleasing.

  • doudy says:

    Well you are also talented with acrylics, and well done with the warm colors. I like it very much.
    Oh and the title fits the painting wonderfully “lazy sunday afternoons” very good choice of title:)

  • Gillian says:

    You’ve certainly managed to capture that golden light. Funnily enough I was doing a flower study over the weekend too, but using pencils. You’re braver than I am! x

  • luci says:

    The golden glow the afternoon sun gives such rich and warm feeling to this painting, Silvia. It adds a certain cheerful coziness to the room. I think your experiment of painting it straight is great. It’s good for the creative spirit to do something new and spontaneous once in a while. You discover new things and experiencing new way in executing your skill. I hope you will post the finished painting 🙂

  • This painting has a beautiful warm glow silvia…I love it!

  • Lyn says:

    Nice1 Luminous and looks somewhat transparent.

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