Chiaroscuro terrier – or a pet that peeves

March 21, 2008 § 6 Comments

chiaroscuro dog

“chiaroscuro terrier”, mixed media, sketchbook

A pet peeve of mine are pets that peeve, especially those life models that would not stand still for only a second to let me capture at least one decent photo of them – not to talk about trying to sketch them! Just like this little gal here. I tried to photograph her several times, but all the shots got blurry.

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§ 6 Responses to Chiaroscuro terrier – or a pet that peeves

  • very nice. i like how she picks up the colors on the pillow in the coat; i think the blurriness is part of the action of breed the dog and reflected the painting (and photograph).

  • This terrier has so much personality! I love all of the colors you have used in this piece.

  • Chérie says:

    That’s why you should have glued her to that cushion there. Sure, it may be animal cruelty, but hey, at least you would have gotten your picture!

    But the painting is absolutely wonderful — especially the color schemes. I never really was good at oil pastel or watercolor. One made me feel incompetent whilst the other made me feel like a 2-year-old with too much imagination and not enough talent. Take a guess which one goes to which.

  • artseafartsea says:

    Love the painting. The dog is too cute.

  • lauren says:

    Hi! I really love this one of the terrier dog. How cute! Thanks for your comments on my blog. It means a lot to know that people are out there visiting my blog and thinking of me. 🙂

  • :) Silvia says:

    Chérie: glue? That’s too harsh! Yet, if we already indulge in animal cruelty, then let’s at least try some more efficient means: valium! ;p
    BTW, it’s not difficult to guess which one goes to which :). And believe it or not I still feel uncomfortable with watercolors, too. Although I’ve started to achieve now and then some results that look quite satisfying I still have to plan each wc painting minutely – else it will end up in one big mess :(. I deeply admire those artists that with a few strokes are able to lay down beautiful, glowing watercolor paintings and at the same time I feel quite sure that I won’t be ever able to do that. Painting with wc needs so much practice… a little bit too much for my taste.

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