February 21, 2008 § 4 Comments

cuo of tea, charcoal

(“cup of tea”, 8″ x 5″, charcoal)

I was just having a nice cup of tea and thinking about what I could tell you about myself since I have been tagged again by Doudy. Those of you who read my blog more often know that I had been tagged by Dave some months ago, too. So a little bit late, but here it is 5 random things about myself:

  1. My first fav. medium had been soft pastels (aka “dusties“). They were so bright, so wunderful easy to apply, they blended well —- but then I had to realize that they just wouldn’t like to remain on the paper, in fact they seemed more attracted to my carpet. I tried fixing them, but didn’t like it since the fixative sprays tends to darken the colors. So I sold my complete set on ebay.
  2. I am collecting fountain pens. At least that’s the only explanation why I do own more than 50 of these writing instruments.
  3. Silvia is my real given name and I am a twenty-something (well, you don’t ask a woman’s age )
  4. I’ve started drawing and painting more regularly only 14 months ago. It has been an amazing experience for me to see how fast my painting skills have improved in this short period of time and I am very curious to see where I’ll be in one year from now 🙂 ).
  5. My natural hair color is red, but I prefer to wear it dyed brunet at the moment.

Now it’s my turn to tag 5 others, but since I don’t like being tagged I’ll leave this one up to you my dear readers. If some of you would like to be tagged, just leave a comment to this post and I’m going to tag you :)!

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  • luci says:

    Silvia, thank you for sharing these interesting bits about you. I think you are an amazing artist. I enjoy seeing your art works. It would be fascinating to see the “maturation” of your work in a year. 🙂

    *I used to be a fountain pen addict. I could not write if I did not use fountain pen.

  • Artist Anika says:

    You have shaded this extremely well, especially considering it does not look as though you used any white charcoal in the drawing. I love how the cup seems to fade at the top, giving it the appearance that you are actually looking at a real cup and your focus is on the front, the back going just a little blurry.


  • :) Silvia says:

    Thanks a lot, Anika, and your observation doesn’t fail you, I did not use any white in this little sketch I just worked with charcoal – my favourite drawing medium btw :)!

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