Ooops…I Did It Again

June 3, 2007 § 7 Comments

Some months ago I sold my set of pastels on eBay. I was tired of them, they were just so …dusty and ….messy and …damageable. (And we have these white carpets, you know…) Furthermore the finished paintings are so difficult to store and they always have to be framed. To cut it short, I have been very happy that I finally got rid of them.
Yesterday however I was visiting my local art supply store and came across this very, very cheap set of pastels. As I said they were cheap and I loved their touch and their grip on the paper… so I bought them.
Now, after having finished my first painting with them I’ve come to the conclusion that they are dusty, messy and damageable. The pigments are beautiful, but won’t stay solely on the paper and I just don’t know how and where to store this painting. (Not talking about the poor white carpet) Winking 3
Why do we always make the same mistakes again?!
Maybe I’m addicted to art material.


EDM 96 – Draw something sweet: licorice.
I think there are just two kinds of people. Those who love licorice and those who hate it. I hate it Halo 2. Nevertheless I think it’s looking pretty enough to be drawn :).

§ 7 Responses to Ooops…I Did It Again

  • Claudia says:

    Oh, you are s o right, Silvia!!! (With both, mistake on art material a n d licorice!!) Nevertheless, it’s a gorgeous sketch!

  • E-J says:

    I’m a licorice hater, but your pastel is lovely.

    Use the soft pastels because you love to paint with them, rather than with the finished product in mind, or the disadvantages … After a while, you won’t remember how white your carpet was and you will cease to fret about it 😉

    I store my pastel paintings under sheets of glassine or tracing paper, between two sheets of foam board. Don’t know if this is any help at all!

  • Bernie says:

    Hi there,
    You’re a very talented artist…
    Loved the Licorice alsorts to by the way…

  • badthing says:

    Hi Silvia 🙂 I hate licorice, love your drawing. I also love your fish in the aquarium one. Take care…

  • caseytoussaint says:

    I hate licorice too, but your pastel is beautiful! The colors are so intense. Despite their disadvantages, pastels give lovely results.

  • Ronell says:

    They aren’t my favorite, but these look wonderful enough to eat! Lovely colors.

  • Franzi says:

    Ja, hätte echt Lust zu dem Portraitaustausch 🙂
    Ich such mal ein paar Bilder von mir!

    Das mit Potsdam hat nicht geklappt :/ Ist echt frustrierend, 800 Leute haben sich beworben, aber die Studenten haben meine Mappe gesehen und fanden das alles toll, auch die Idee für die Hausaufgabe, die haben alle gesagt dass es bestimmt klappen wird und ihre Professoren voll nett sind.
    Und dann saß ich ein paar Stunden später in einer Prüfungskommission mit den unfreundlichsten Professoren die ich je gesehen habe, und die wollten nichtmal meine Mappe sehen nachdem ich die Hausaufgabe vorgestellt habe.
    Ich hätte vor Wut an die Decke springen können. Solche assozialen Leute sollten keine Studenten unterrichten dürfen :/
    Jetzt muss ich erstmal ne Ausbildung zum gestaltungstechnischen Assistenten (für Medien/Kommunikation) machen. Hmpf. Irgendwie ja ne totale sinnlos-Ausbildung, aber muss ja^^

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