sad thoughts, bright colors

April 7, 2007 § 7 Comments

It’s strange sometimes. Yesterday I received a sad message from a good friend of mine. Her mother had died unexpectedly. I’m feeling so terribly sorry for her since I know how fond she has always been of her mother.
Actually I only realized what happened, when I sat myself down in the evening to do my daily painting practice. My thoughts just wouldn’t stay with my drawings, so I decided to let my hands (and my subconscious) do what they want while I was pursuing my thoughts. I painted about two hours as if I had been in trance. And it’s so strange, although I am sad my subconscious painted rainbows, huge trees and spring flowers. Of course, it’s true I have painted all kinds of flowers the days before (yet no trees or rainbows!!!), but  my paintings were as bright yesterday as never before.
I haven’t got an explantion, it’s just so weird!


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