Portrait Of A Woman Wearing Black

March 17, 2007 § Leave a comment

In my early teens I started drawing portraits. At that time this seemed to be the most interesting sujet to me. I must admit that even until today nothing has ever been more fascinating to me than a pair of beautiful/intense eyes. These portraits were all done in graphite or charcoal. The likeness was there and I should have felt happy, instead I was not satisfied with the results and angry with me, because I wanted those drawings to look more like made by L. da Vinci or at least J.S. Sargent.

And these ambitions that were settled so terribly high kept me from enjoying my little drawings and finally even from doing them. Please don’t get me wrong, high ambitions aren’t something bad, it’s only that there are people who can handle them better than others. If you tend to perfectionism the way I do, those kind of ambitions will be like poison.

I only learned to enjoy doing art after some years of practice in meditation. Eastern philosophies teach you to care only for the creating process and not for the results. “Great Dao – It’s not a goal, It’s a Way (Without Way)” – there is a great truth behind this.

However, here’s my first portrait after a long, long period of time:



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